Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor?

by Ann Moses on August 10, 2012

The sleeve of Dino, Desi and Billy’s single (45 rpm, remember?) “My What a Shame.” I took these photos after we got back from Hawaii and their record company paid me (!) to use them on their single sleeve!

Desi pulled the motorbike over to the curb. I had never been stopped by a policeman before, and I don’t think Desi had either. He was 15, so he wasn’t driving in California yet. The policeman walked up to us and asked for ID. Desi introduced himself and told the officer he’d just come from a concert and didn’t have any ID on him. If he did, it would have shown he was an underage driver. I showed him my California driver’s license and he crinkled his face and shook his head.

“You kids are out after curfew. If you head straight home, I’ll let this go.” We both nodded. I sighed, not realizing I’d been holding my breath in fear. Desi headed back to Waikiki and dropped me at my hotel and then went back to the house the boys and their manager were renting.

The next day I spent hours photographing DD & B and the Raiders with beautiful Hawaiian backgrounds. My favorite backgrounds were the banyan trees that were as much roots as they were branches and leaves. Many of the outdoor photographs from the whole trip turned out well, but unbeknownst to me, the hot, humid weather and the glare off the ocean made my manual Nikon settings all wrong on some of the photos. Very disappointing.

After the concert the second night, we all went to the late show of Don Ho, the famous Hawaiian entertainer famous for “Tiny Bubbles.” He had his own restaurant and showroom and it was must for any Hawaiian tourist. We had a fabulous meal and enjoyed every minute of the show, a wonderful break from rock and roll. I was not scheduled to go home for another day, but my work was done, I was on my own for the next day, so when and DD & B’s manager asked me if I’d like to go to the airport and catch the redeye flight with Dino I eagerly accepted. (If I had stayed until the next day, by myself, signed up for a surf lesson, it would have been much easier when I was 18!) So, off to the airport we went in Dino’s limo and then when we got to the ticket counter (as I’ve mentioned, things were extremely casual regarding air travel then), the plane was full except for First Class. So, Dino’s manager paid to upgrade my ticket to First Class, another first for me, and both Dino and I stretched out in the enormous seats and slept the whole way home.

Good times. . .Ann Moses reporting about “back in the day.”


Finally I’m surfing on Waikiki, May 2012. I’m a surfer girl 46 years late!


A big shout out to my surf instructor, Matt from the Ty Gurney Surf School. I never could have done it without you!









Paddlilng out at Waikiki. In the background with the pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel where I stayed in 1966. Very nostalgic.




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