Mick Jagger and Me

by Ann Moses on July 25, 2012

Photo by Ann Moses

Ok, we got as far as going backstage at the Cow Palace. The supporting acts were on stage, then two sleek Cadillac limousines rolled in at top speed. Out jumped the Rolling Stones. They immediately ducked into their dressing rooms, so I figured that was that. They were such huge stars by this time; I assumed I would only be seeing them from a distance.

Spencer and Paul were chatting with people they knew when suddenly Mick comes out of the dressing room. He came out to meet Joan Baez, who had become friends with the Stones in England. Mick stuck his head into the dressing room and told the others. In a moment all five Stones were in a circle, talking to Joan. I just hung out by their dressing room door, out of the way as they all joked and talked among themselves. That’s when the biggest surprise of all happened!

Without warning Mick opened the door and peeped his head out. My eyes met his glance. “Hello, luv,” he said and then he came over to where I was standing. We chatted for several minutes about the movie Charlie Is My Darling the first documentary film about The Rolling Stones. The movie was shot during the band’s two day tour of Ireland in September 1965, and was completed in the spring of 1966. He said he liked the final cut.

Before any more small talk, Brian, Bill, Keith and Charlie walked over, nervously lit cigarettes and joined in our conversation, asking me where I was from! When I told them I grew up in Anaheim, near Disneyland, but now I lived in Hollywood, Mick mentioned that Chrissie (his girlfriend, model Chrissie Shrimpton) was in Hollywood and after one more concert on this tour and some recording in Hollywood they were heading to Mexico for a “holiday.”

Then came the announcement over the loud speakers, “And here they are – The Rolling Stones!” They ran up the stairs to the stage. There was a six-foot barricade and two rows of policemen surrounding the high stage. The security force did not seem to object when I placed myself just below Mick’s feet at center stage and began madly shooting pictures.

The concert was amazing, they were second in popularity to The Beatles, but their show was completely their own. No one like them before or since. It was a night I’ll never forget.

Good times. . .Ann Moses reporting about “back in the day.”

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