Making a Difference

by Ann Moses on October 18, 2016

ann-moses-2-089I started my blog in July of 2012 in response to some younger friends showing me that I, Ann Moses, appeared on some 60 pages when doing a Google search.
What? When? How?

I was overwhelmed, because up until that moment I had no idea that anyone knew who I was 40 years after leaving Tiger Beat.
For the past four years I’ve delighted in hearing from some of those long-lost Tiger Beat readers and in the process, I’ve made some amazing friendships, albeit long-distance friendships in most cases.
One of my favorite letters came at a time in my life when it was a better pick-me-up than coffee and a better take-me-away than a glass of Chardonnay. I was going through an episodic depression. I was just beginning to work my way back to my normal, happy self when I was called upon to be a caregiver for a close family member. That alone had me leaving my depression behind as I filled my days with their needs rather than my own. It was a life lesson I will cherish and it made me a better person. But during that time, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced – it was not like taking care of my husband as his loving wife, not like taking care of my sons as they grew – it was a constant battle to give everything I had to provide my loved one the best care and at the same time it was an internal battle, constantly questioning myself “am I doing the best I can?” The self-doubt was overwhelming.
My sunshine letter came on September 12th:
Hi Ann,


Carol Davis in 7th grade.

I’m thinking about the Monkees today on their 50th anniversary, and it prompted me to pull out the postcard you sent me in July of 1968. I was 13 years old then, an aspiring writer, and I sent you a Monkees story I’d written.
I never really expected an answer, but you sent a postcard saying that you thought I had talent and encouraging me to keep writing.
I was (and still am) very shy, and up to that point no one had ever told me they thought I was a good writer. Your note — coming from someone all of us tweeners thought of as our cool “big sister” — meant so much!
I did keep writing. I’m not a huge success, but it gives me a lot of joy, and I have a few loyal fans. All these years later, your note still means a lot to me, because you reached out to a little girl you didn’t know and told her, “You can do this.”

Thanks, Ann. You made a difference.
With lots of affection from one of your many “little sisters,”


My postcard to Carol from 1968.

“You made a difference,” was the magic potion I needed to snap me out of my negative thoughts and it was a incredible reminder of the power each of us has to do good things and be there for others. It seems small, sending a post card to a fan who had written me, but oh, I had no idea that I might influence another person’s life.
Carol Davis and I began to correspond. While she says “I’m not a huge success,” I beg to differ. After working as a secretary for 38 years, she self-published her first book and today she is a successful author. Please check out her Amazon page:
And her author page:


Along with writing my blog for four years, I have become an avid reader since I inherited my husband’s Kindle five years ago. My favorite genre is Contemporary Romance, so I had to buy Carol’s “Something Simple” and “Something Complicated,” Book 1 and Book 2 telling a wonderful story of romance, new places and sometimes kooky characters, the kookiest being the heroine’s pet bird, Winston. Carol’s story made me laugh, took me to new places, and was tender love story. I’m anxiously awaiting Book 3, the ending to her enticing trilogy.


Carol Davis in 2015 – taking a little break from writing.

I admit, my reading faves are rather narrow – although I occasionally read a celebrity bio or a title I can’t resist like “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail”by Cheryl Strayed – so it will be up to you, my today readers, that can choose to check out Carol’s other titles in Sci-Fi, Paranormal Romance, and many more.

To you, Carol, I just want you to know how much your reaching out to me has meant in my life – your turn to make a difference!

Good times. . .Ann Moses reporting about “back in the day.”

BTW – that has been my sign-off since July 2012, so does that mean the Monkees named their most recent hit album “Good Times” after my blog sign-off?


Monkeemania Lives

by Ann Moses on May 23, 2016

In 1966 it was “Here they come. . .walkin’ down the street. . .”
In 2016 it’s songs we love to love, new songs to enjoy and 50 years of fabulous memories:
Here’s my review of their new song “You Bring the Summer” on this week’s Cult Radio A Go Go:

PS: I have another surprise – please check in on Thursday:
A secret about the Monkee’s current tour and the elusive Mike Nesmith!

AnnPeterMicky.pjg Posterwarmscrop Mickyhugreunion AnnPetereunion


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